Parking Lot Striping: The Basics

We rely on parking lot striping to navigate parking lots. All of those colored painted lines and markings aid in utilizing parking spaces while promoting traffic flow and safety. Adding striping to a parking lot looks easy on its surface, but to do it right, a multi-step approach is required. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the considerations that go into a professional parking lot line striping job.

Laying Out the Parking Lot Striping

In new construction, engineers have determined the size required for adequate parking as part of their plan for the construction. A smaller business may only have a handful of parking spaces, while a larger business or office building may have extensive asphalt surfaces to deal with. The first step in any parking lot striping job is the layout itself. A competent line striping company will understand what is needed to maximize traffic flow and space considerations, regardless of the lot size itself.

There are several aspects to the layout. Entrances and exits may need to be marked to ensure good flow to and from the lot. The parking spaces themselves may be oriented in a grid fashion or can be placed on a diagonal to offer even more space to site visitors. Any specialized markings, such as for ADA compliance, emergency service areas, loading and unloading zones, or off-limits zones, must also be included in the layout plan.

Getting Started with Line Striping

Once the parking lot layout is finalized, it is time to begin the process of painting markings. Existing lots may need asphalt crack repair or other asphalt services to be completed before the lot striping can begin. New construction, of course, depends on the lot area to be paved or asphalted before markings can be added.

Now that the parking lot is repaired and/or paved, the painting can commence. The best parking lot striping companies use very specialized equipment to make the pavement markings. This equipment is designed to provide crisp markings that meet all local, state, and federal safety standards. Talented parking lot maintenance experts are used to ensure the highest quality of markings, regardless of application.

Finishing the Parking Lot Line Striping Job

There are several “finishing touches” that go into a quality parking lot striping job. Once the space markings, directional arrows, and entrance/exit areas are marked, many parking lots will also have curbs or parking blocks/curb stops added. These must also be painted, and many of most qualified companies offer expert curb painting services. Emergency zones may require different marking colors than the parking spaces to meet published standards and to help them stand out. There may be signs and signposts that need to be added to complete the parking lot area. When the parking lot is completed, business visitors and employees will have a safe area in which to park their vehicles. Parking lot striping is one of those things we take for granted in our daily lives, but the line marking process is a case of “more than meets the eye”.